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  • 21 April 2024
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I am so frustrated and beginning to regret porting over …. So far I have had to wait for 4 callbacks in addition 2 agents have said they would followup …. I have to say once I am speaking with an Agent they have been fantastic BUT it’s getting to someone that is FRUSTRATING …. I USE self serve whenever I can and avoid BOT’s  they aren’t helpful only annoying - when I start a chat I want it be with a person and waiting 3 hours for a callback is ridiculous!!!!

I was on with loyalty last weekend and we weren’t finished when call dropped (due to switch/port - I assume) … I was left a voicemail as I could not get service and indication was he would follow up ….nothing!  Next day had to schedule a callback …. it went thru but unfortunately she wasn’t able to see notes on loyalty end - nor was the person online - so she sent him a message to call and she said she would follow up - NOTHING …. got my bill and it is NOT as promised and scheduled another callback … 3 hours later I answered and other end picked up and I could hear them chatting in the distance and after about 3 minutes they hung up! - so NOT COOL!  so back thru the BOT scheduled another callback ….this time it was answered BUT when transferring me the call was dropped again ….  now scheduled callback isn’t until tmrw … so 4 days of dealing with this:(

May I say my time is valuable too and I have limited time to wait for calls!!!!!

PLEASE PM me or have LOYALTY direct call me back PLEASE!!!!

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2 replies

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What was the issue that you needed help from a loyalty rep though? you can ask here someone might know the answer.

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Hi @Busymomru 

Sorry for the late reply here!

We have sent you a PM, so we confirm some more details and further assist, please check the inbox under your community profile when you get the chance, thanks!