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Phone sending out of province calls to VM

  • 13 September 2023
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So this has been happening with my Koodo service for...I dunno, a decade.  

I’m in New Brunswick, and often, when someone calls my iPhone from Ontario, it goes straight to voicemail, and doesn’t even show a notification until the ‘new voicemail’ notification comes up, then you can see the ‘missed call’.  

So far, it’s only been calls from Ontario that do this.  And it’s inconsistent.  It’s happened on 3 different iterations of iPhone.  

It is not due to them being blocked numbers….

It’s super weird.  

Any ideas?

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6 replies

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That’s weird indeed. You say it’s been happening for a decade? And when you say it happens “often”, how often are we talking about?

I was working a job from about 2013 to 2018 that had me located in NB, but interacting constantly with teammates in Ontario.  2018-2022, hadn’t been working that job, so had zero issues.  Started that work back up, and all of a sudden, the phone is doing it again!  

I’d say it happens with about 50% of the calls from Ontario to my phone……...no apparent logic to it…. sometimes the calls come through, sometimes they don’t.  Doesn’t seem to be tied to a specific incoming number…….  Have zero problems with calls from elsewhere.  

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That’s really weird indeed. I would suggest you schedule a callback from Koodo and have a tech rep look at the issue… they might be able to see something that out of place in your account.

Ok, so, the callback number isn’t coming through either.  I need to call out from my phone 


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Are these numbers in your contacts? If not, have you verified that “silence unknown callers” hasn't been switched on?

Ok! So, I did some experimenting.  Not sure why this did this in the past, but it seems that with the newer iPhone, I somehow ended up with ‘focus’ on.  This was apparently sending all sorts of calls straight to voicemail.  

Shut it off and now things ‘seem’ to be working.