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I changed my number through koodo self serve in July 3rd, but it still have not updated on my actual phone.

My koodo account already changed my phone number in their system, but my actual phone still has my old phone number.


I tried restarting my phone and even resetting my phone network settings, since it was recommended, but I’m still stuck with my old phone number.


Best answer by victor.nb 8 July 2023, 23:48

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How does it still have your old phone number? Do you mean if someone calls you, only your old number is working or something else? How long haas it been since you changed your phone number?

In my Koodo account online, it says that I had already changed my phone number to the new one.

Then when I look at my phone, it is still connected with my old phone number. I tried resetting my network, restarting my phone and even removed and re-inserted my SIM, but my phone number never got updated to the new one.


When I try to contact the new phone number I’m supposed to have, it says the number is not in service. But, I can still be contacted through my old phone number.

This is my first time changing my phone number and I have been a koodo customer for more than 5 years or so, and kept the same number through the years.

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How long has it been since you changed your number?

I changed it July 3rd, so it’s been 5 days

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I’ll flag a rep then to see whaat the issue is. That’s been a long time.

Thank you so much!!

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Hi @victor.nb 

Will you please turn off your phone and keep it turned off for 10 minutes?


Please let me know once your turn it off, thank you! 


Hello! I’ve just turned it off.

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Thank you! 

Please turn it back on, then restart it again and test if the phone number is updated. Thanks! 

It works now, thank you for your help!