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Messed up iPhone.

  • 11 September 2021
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Hi, I’ve got an iPhone that is really messed up.  Sending/Receiving texts & voice calls are not working properly.  Is there a number I can call to get this resolved ASAP?  I think there is something wrong with the connection to Koodo.  Carrier settings maybe?  Is there somewhere on this site that I can find the required settings I need to have in my phone?


Here are the details from the test I have done this morning:

Receiving texts:

Slow to receive texts from iPhone. Not immediate – takes minutes.

Receiving texts from Andriod, but likely very slow. Cannot test because I don't have an Android phone beside me.


Sending texts:

Sending texts is extremely slow and failes with “Not delivered”.


Receiving phone calls:

From another iPhone it doesn't ring and goes straight to VM.

From landline it does not ring and does not go to VM.


Please help.



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What does your signal strength look like?


You can check there for the exact dB value, although a basic indicator is your number of bars. Are you connected to lte? Have you tried reinsert ing your Sim card and restarting your phone?

Signal strength is 2 out of 4 bars at the moment and I reinserted the SIM card, but no dice.

The phone has been working fine for years.  I was on the phone with Koodo customer support and they switched the satellite(?) the phone was connecting to in hopes of getting a better connection, but the issue remains unresolved.  I can’t even receive phone calls.  Koodo tech support was going to call me back, but didn’t.  I’ve been toying with this damn thing all day.



same thing here ! can’t receive calls today, except right after I call my VM…

not fun since I am actually “on call” duty right now …


It turns out that my Voice & Data setting had switched to “LTE” and should have been “3G”.

I think this was done during a “Carrier update” that occurred.

Everything is working fine again.