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How do I go about changing from a Koodo post paid plan to a Koodo pre-paid plan

  • 10 September 2021
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I am on a talk only post paid plan for $20 per month, but I wish to keep my number and change to a pre-paid base plan for $15 and then add a gig of data for $30, just in case I need some extra data, as I rarely use my phone. Do I need to change SIM cards? Can I do it over the phone, or should I visit a store? Is there still such a thing a post paid versus pre paid SIM cards or are they all the same now?


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Koodo Prepaid and postpaid system are separated. You couldn’t use the current postpaid SIM and just switch plan. If you want to switch from postpaid to prepaid, you would have to consider it as a carrier change. First, you get the prepaid SIM, then port the number from postpaid into prepaid.

Anyway, Koodo recently rolled out “starter plan”, it is almost as cheap as a prepaid plan https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/starter-plans-3g-data-speeds

I would recommend you switch to that one, instead of prepaid.

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If you don’t have easy access to a Koodo prepaid SIM, they can often be found on eBay.ca at a discount. Pre- pand post-paid SIMS are physically different and not interchangeable.

Data speed on prepaid is 4G, not 3G like some of the starter postpaid plans.

For limited usage, prepaid plus a few boosters may fit your bill.

Post-paid advantages: wifi calling & VOLTE (with appropriate handset), roaming outside North America.

Pre-paid advantages for light users: balances roll over, inexpensive pay-per-use calling, data and US roaming, Ø chance of billing surprises. No connection fee… everything is done on-line.

For maximum value, do the switchover a few days before your normal post-paid billing date.