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Changing sim card

  • 24 January 2022
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I have been having problems receiving phone calls from certain contacts - where it won’t ring on my end and just send the person straight to my voicemail without ringing. I’ve check all possible settings on my phone and am now led to believe it might be an issue with my sim card. 

I am a prepaid customer and already have an account. I’ve gone and bought a new prepaid sim. Before I do the steps to change my sim card, do I have to do any sort of activation of the new sim or can I just pop the number in the change box and follow the steps from there?

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7 replies

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You will need to activate the new sim card in self serve, then all you need to is swap out the cards in your phone.

I hope that sorts the issue, but in case it doesn't : are you sure you have enough minutes left in your plan to receive calls? 

Yes I have over 100 minutes so that isn’t the issue. Plus I can receive calls from some contacts but not others. 

What are the proper steps to activating the sim card first? When I go to activateprepaid.koodomobile.com it takes me through setting up a brand new account which I don’t need.

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No, you need to visit your existing prepaid account at https://prepaidselfserve.koodomobile.com

I forgot exactly where in the menu the option is to switch your SIM card, but it should be there 😊

Ok so I can go directly to Change SIM card, enter in the new SIM number and validation code without having to do some external activation on the new card?

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I'm pretty sure of it... 

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Are you sure you don't have call blocking or do not disturb on? 


Prior to buying a new sim, maybe try a working sim in your phone and your sim in a working phone and see if the problem follows your sim or your phone. 

I have the same problem, and am using an Alcatel OneTouch flip-phone on a monthly plan.  Some incoming calls go straight to voicemail without ringing the phone.   Sometime later,  (can be minutes, can be hours), Koodo will notify me that I have voicemail.
I have not noticed whether it is particular callers, or just random.   I suspect it is just a crappy phone.