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Another day having a chat with Koodo

Koodo is the worst mobile operator I have ever seen world wide!!!
I had to travel outside of Canada for 8 months but I had to kept my phone number on this special deal for only 10$ a month where the phone is off but it is still under my name. So all good, I went to Europe.
 8 moths later I am back to Canada and my credit score is AMAZINGLY Fu**ed because of those Trudeaus . Koodo team didn't pull the money which was on authorized payment and instead of sending me an Email Koodo had sent me text messages on my stopped phone,funny eh, so for 80$ my car insurance  and everything else went to the sky. And here is why - because of somebody else’s mistake I became a bad creditor so for this 80$ you affect all my business! 
I tried to call Koodo, after one hour waiting on the line, finally I had to speak with an agent. Without saying anything, it put me on hold.

After another 2 hours on hold I left the conversion.
I scheduled a call from the chat-bot. Later the same day I had a call from Koodo, I pressed 1 and I was on hold for another 2 hours before I gave up.

So here is my question how to deal with Koodo!?

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I would imagine your account is closed by now and went to a collection agency, or do you still have an open account? In that case the best course of action is a belated payment. I’m sorry you were on hold for so long though, perhaps it’s easier to contact them through Facebook?

Lesson for next time: check self serve every now and then to see if the payments actually go through.

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How did you get this seasonal hold plan?  Did you contact  Koodo to switch it? Its always $15/mo to keep your account/number.  (I'm just curious how you get this rate.)

"Koodo team didn't pull the money which was on authorized payment ...."

- Did you set up auto payment because of your trip outside of Canada? Or you were always on auto payment?   And you never checked what was charged on your credit card or your bank for 8 months?   

I'm sorry I'm sound bitter. But I'm a kind of person to check every charges on my CC, transaction activities frequently and make sute any payments are up to date every month. (Even if I'm outside of Canada).  So I couldn't believe you didn't catch your payment didn't go through.( I know you set up auto payment,)

At this point, you can contact Koodo through FB or Twitter as Sophia suggested and ask them what's going on, then  sort this issue.

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We are really sorry about this unpleasant situation. If the information reported to the bureau is inaccurate or Koodo has made an error, our payment department has the possibility to complete a credit bureau amendment. Please, try to request a call back on Koodo Assist or send us a private message on Facebook/Twitter and we will be able to review all information regarding your account.


Best regards,


Hello guys,


Appreciate your interest, the story didn’t stop with my post. So next part is even more interesting. 

Yes the payment was 10$ and I called Koodo customer service, but that’s not so important for now. 

Mayumi thanks for the  advice, i did not knew fb is possible., thx.  However let me explain I was watching all of my bills and balance on my cards during my trip in Europe. I just had another stuff to focus, I was challenging an IT course and I was more worried about my investments, payments on rents and way more other stuff. I realized something was wrong cuz nowhere could not see KOODO on my Visa, but I was thinking naive. I had a problem with my athorized payment on my insurance not for 4 months right away I had a call, email and official letter  from intact to let me now. I have never thought that those guys will not do anything to inform me. Plus I had to pay 10$ per minut to call them ectr. 

My Authorized plan was set 2 years before my trip. What I am trying to say is that I am not careless for my money and score. Obviously I am not so smart as well, but I learn my lesson for sure.  However there are way more interesting stuff after the first post!


I was in Spain 2018 and they mentioned me 15$  I decided to keep the phone but there was no internet and it was not possible even to call them but anyways that totally different story.

After 3 days  since my first post sitting on the phone I reached Trans Union and Koodo  shortly after that.

The credit institution explained to me on a simple English that all what Koodo has to do is to send “amendment letter“ and everything will be fine. So I had a motivation to do reached them again, it was not easy but I reached Koodo customers service and I spoke with 3 supervisors menages and almost reached the president of the company before someone actually can do something about it. After explaining the story 10 time the last manager  start telling me that they send me emails #NOTTRUE on dates that were not in my email I had 40 emails on offers about wifi and phones but non about my credit statement or miss payments, after that she start telling  me another story. “Koodo is not obligated to tell it’s clients if they haven’t miss payed their bills” and her last statement was that the fault is mine that I never gave them my information on the expiry  date on my credit cart, which was finally true. However after 3 hours on the phone she  said that she will send the amendment letter  to trans union if i pay my bills , I ensist to send the letter before I pay but she refused, I was tired from the time waiting, explaining ectr. so I said fine on your word I will pay. I payed not only the 40$ mandatory bill, I paid the  140 some $ ( total amount plus the new bill (for activating regular plan for the next month). She said that trans union will send her a letter in 3 days if everything is good. Hah I called the union after 5 days and they said they haven’t received any message  from Koodo about any AMENDMENT LETTER , now I am pissed! I called this funny company again. Another manager answered that she has a letter that some department of KOODO did not send the letter to the union because it’s my fault they have no issue with there system at all. So me as a client I must provide that information which I did not so they decided not to send anything. And I am shocked, not because that lady lied me, but about there  stupidity and lack of professionalism. When I got they did I asked to speak with this mystique department immediately, but the lady on the phone said that it  is not possible to reach those people, can you imagine!??

All of the calls are recorded!! 

   At the end of the day I was their client for  years. I have never owned them anything. Now what I asked was to pay my bills for (40 - 80 even 100$ but to leave me alone) and they not only refused they lied me. So I have send letter to BBB in Alberta and after another few days my request was  redirected to BBB office in Ontario. I really don’t care about the money, even if my score is down it will go up in next 40 days, but the whole sh*t show really disappointed me. 

If that was happening in a 3th part country it will be fine, but this is Canada! One of the most advanced countries on the planet Earth. Me as a permanent resident and every other person in it’s territory must follow the rules. I understand about my mistake and I payed my bills immediately I new what’s was  happening.  Koodo just sucks, I am still client with them witch is wrong and I will change my phone very soon not only because I do not want to be involved with such poor customer service, but because I do not want to support such dirty company.  Because we can be honest, how many people will spend so much of their time for 80$ or bad report ectr? I am sure not many.


Thanks again for your time, 


Can I be. Customer tired of being a. Prepaid service

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Can I be. Customer tired of being a. Prepaid service

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