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easy roam overcharge

  • 24 August 2021
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I was on a 12 day trip to the US. I got easy roam turned on on day three. I was very careful to only turn on roaming in four <24 hour increments and I took notes about what times of day I started and manually disabled it. When the July bill came, there were 8 days of data roaming charges! I've looked at the data usage vs the bill; for example the bill says easy roam activated on Tue 6 July at 11:05 am, but there was no activity (data/text/airtime) on your usage page between 7 am and 3:15pm which is when I recorded turning on roaming. 

And because of that starting at 11am, I was also charged for Wed 7 July between 11am and 1pm though that should have fallen under the 24hr period that started at 3pm. 


That's one day out of four I have records for that I shouldn't be charged for. I'm a new account holder, but not a new phone user. Next step is buying a travel SIM, if this the way Koodo does "Easy Roam”. Can someone fix this?


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6 replies

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How did you manage the timing of roaming? Was your cellular data (and data roaming) was off during that time? 

When you check the bill, was it calculated in Canada timezone or the country you were in? 

Good questions… Yes, I turned off cellular data and data roaming. Then I managed the timing of the roaming by turning on roaming then writing the date/time in my spreadsheet and setting an alarm for 23 hours later; and when it went off, turning off roaming again.

The time zones were all Eastern.

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Does your downloaded detailed PDF ebill show you what triggered the 1105am roaming usage? 

Does your downloaded detailed PDF ebill show you what triggered the 1105am roaming usage? 

No, it doesn’t. The PDF bill only says:


  2. Tue Jul 6 11:05 am 99999 ROAM/VOY 1:00 - - - $9.00 $9.00

  3. Tue Jul 6 03:16 pm 607 233-[...] [...] USA - - - -  $0 

  4. Tue Jul 6 03:17 pm 607 277-[...] [...] USA - - - -  $0

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The 99999 is the Koodo/Telus way to mark an event that triggered easyroam. It could be either an data usage event, sending a text...

Anyway, If you think you were overcharged, I recommend you contact Koodo directly with detail timeline  and ask them to investigate. A facebook authentication tool is down as of now. you could chat with a rep via Twitter Messaging https://twitter.com/koodo or schedule a callback from them.

Just to follow up with conclusions: I sent details to Koodo via Twitter dm and they have credited my account for $36 as requested, and suggested I talk to their technical support team via Koodo Assist.


Which I may do, when I have time later, because I’m curious what the heck happened...