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  • 7 September 2021
  • 2 replies

Up until recently, I had my number “unlisted”. Why did this change? It affects my business because now I have to deal with calls in front of customers I am in attendance working for… They are not happy when I have to answer call on their dime! Why did Koodo suddenly and without warning change this part of my agreement? There are now several customers out there who think it’s okay for them to call me while I have my hands in a 600V cabinet. It was necessary for me to have a private number. 

2 replies

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Which phone are you using? The settings to show your number id is within the phone. You could try to hide/unhide your number there. 

Also, when you sign into selfserve and check the addon, was there any “call display restrict” addon in your account? 

Thank you for the reply.

I managed to figure it out! It’s an LG Velvet Android, so it was easily found after getting some guidance and instruction. I am a “private caller” again. I had my last phone for many years and had my phone number changed to stop the above mentioned scenario. I was certain it was Koodo that unlisted my number for me, but it was so long ago maybe I just forgot.

Thanks again.