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can i just put old sim in new phone when it arrives?

  • 19 October 2021
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Hello, i ordered a new phone , its unlocked from a. 3rd party. Can i just put the sim i have in my existing phone into the new phone? The new phone is unlocked i bought from 3rd party, nothing to do with Koodo. Will it lock the SIM card up forcing me to have to buy a new sim at a kiosk? Its the same nano sim size so,……. Can i just put the sim i have into the new phone?



Existing customer, existing phone dieing hard and surely, trying to avoid extra costs or stupid steps. Please make life easy for me PLEASE. Is it as simple as just move it the sim over?



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1 reply

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You are fine to use your current Sim card without issue. You may or may not need to manually put in APN network settings but likely not.