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Remove Pay-per-Use Itnl Roaming

  • 26 February 2022
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How do I remove Pay-Per-Use Intl Roaming from my account? I can’t remove it using Manage My Add-Ons.


Best answer by Bernard Koodo 26 February 2022, 22:47

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3 replies

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You should be able to remove it within your selfserve. If you couldn’t, there might be a glitch with self-serve or you are a new customer and there was some restriction. Anyway, I will flag a rep to assist you.

Anyway, was it the Payperuse International Long distance calling add-on or it was a roaming add-on that you had issue with?

It is the Pay-Per-Use Intl Long Distance. I added Easy Roam which is the one I want. But I can’t remove the Intl Long Distance.

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@Louii MacTavish It appears you have added and removed Easy Roam several times in the last week or so.  Remember Easy Roam is a $0 service on your account until you use your phone outside of Canada.  It can basically sit dormant on your account.  The International Roaming service you refer to is part of the Easy Roam service. I believe you maybe concerned about usage while you are travelling. If that is the case, one of the best options is to simply leave your phone on airplane mode. Wi-fil will still connect to it and no charges would incur.  I hope this helps. Enjoy the rest of your vacation! 

The pay per use international long distance service only works from Canada to other countries. And only cost money if used.