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my phone broke. how can i upgrade without having to pay the 470 dollar tab and tab plus balance remainin

  • 28 December 2022
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There must be an easier way. What am.i doing wrong?

My phone is 14 months old so I still have 10 months left... But what do people do when their phones break? Screen completely turned black, only tiny flickers of green lines after I dropped it the other night

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Which phone do you have?

Depending on which phone you have, screen replacement might not break the bank. Most repair shops offer same-day repairs, some repairs within an hour or two. Unfortunately, physical damage would not be covered under warranty.

Mobile Klinik and ubreakifix are authorized to work on a variety of smartphones. Smaller cell phone repair shops may not have as much workload and sometimes offer better pricing with quicker repair turnaround.