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Loyalty 10 Year with Telus

  • 16 November 2022
  • 2 replies

I want to talk to someone at Loyalty Program.

I have been with Telus for 10 year now. I have 3 Lines with Telus.

I switched 1 line to Kodoo, I want to switch my other 2 lines to Koodo as well. I want bundle deal.


Adding new line under self server is giving me warning message:
Additional lines on new accounts (45 days or less) are not allowed online. Please go into your closest Koodo store, or try again once your account passes 45 days.

2 replies

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Telus and Koodo operate separately though. If you just joined Koodo, your profile is new to Koodo. Also, when you saw the message, it was the anti-fraud system asked new customer to do it. 
Anyway, if you get help from a rep via phone call, a connection fee also applies - similar to a store activation.

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Also Koodo don't offer bundle deal or  multiple line deals.

They sometimes has a promo called " add a line" promo. You might be able to get it when timing is right.