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Keep receiving broken pre-owned iphones

  • 4 February 2023
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I’m gonna start off by saying please don’t ever purchase a Certified Pre-Owned phone from Koodo. Also, please bear with me as this is a really long post but I feel the backstory is important to my frustration.

TL;DR: I’ve received 3 broken Certified Pre-Owned iPhone 11 Pros from Koodo and I’m at a loss at what to do. Any help on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.

In 2021 I upgraded to a Certified Pre-Owned iPhone XS and it had no issues! It’s been a great phone, but on Christmas Eve 2022 I smashed the screen and decided I would look at what I could upgrade during their winter sale. Even though my portion of the phone had been paid off I still had to pay off the “Tab Bonus”, so I bit the bullet and paid it off and went through the process of upgrading to a Certified Pre-Owned iPhone 11 Pro.

Wow!! What a mistake. First iPhone 11 Pro shows up with a warning saying the screen is either not Apple certified, or it’s been installed incorrectly. The battery max capacity is also at 86% and it would die without even being used overnight. I decided not to use the phone and called Koodo for an exchange. 

Second iPhone 11 Pro arrives, screen is fine other than some small scratches and the battery is 100%! Except when I went to insert my SIM Card, I got a warning that the cellular is broken on the device. Haha. What. I spent the better part of a week doing every single troubleshooting possible to fix it with no avail. It was just straight up broken. 

I tried going into a Koodo store for help and they said because it’s Certified Pre-Owned, they can’t help as they only sell those online. The rep agreed with me however that what I’ve been experiencing is not ok and to urge when I call that I get credit towards my account for the month.

So then I call Koodo for the second time, and I’m really frustrated at this point. I ordered my “new” phone at the end of December and I still haven’t been able to use it and at this point it’s the end of January. I call and I’m put on the line with the worst customer service rep I have ever had. He kept stammering and pausing because he didn’t understand the script he was reading, was 0% helpful while I was trying to explain my frustration, and at one point tried to tell me I was lying because, “How can you be calling us if your cellular is broken?” … 

He put me on hold for almost an hour saying he needed to speak to his higherups about it. Comes back and says he’s processed an exchange as per my request...I never at any point during the call asked or confirmed for a new exchange. At this point I wanted to return the phone for a refund and get something new because how can I trust them at this point?? But I felt defeated and also like I was getting nowhere with this rep so I just let him finish him stumbling over his script and decided I’d call back another time about getting my MONTH WITHOUT A WORKING PHONE refunded/credited. I regret not asking for a supervisor, but after being left on hold for an hour thinking I’d eventually get some help I was feeling too frustrated and exhausted to go on any longer.

Third iPhone 11 Pro arrives today and the screen and cellular seem to be working, but it has a battery with 86% max capacity again. I’m really annoyed. At least this one works but why is it so hard for them to send me a fully functional phone.  The rep PROMISED me they would go over the phone and make sure it was 100% working and ready to send out because I told him I didn’t feel like I could trust what I was getting. 

At this point I’m at a loss as to what to do. I don’t want another exchange. I want a fully functional phone but it seems like too much to ask at this point. I’m feeling frustrated and defeated and I don’t trust Koodo anymore or feel like a respected customer. I’ve been with Koodo for over a decade, I feel like this is ridiculous treatment right?? Or am I overreacting and should accept I have a phone with a bad battery now...


5 replies

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The quality of CPO phones has really dropped it seems. Having some degraded battery seems par for the course, given these phones are a few years old now. I would honestly just stay away from them at this point, unless this third time is still otherwise ok and you’re fine with it

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Since you are still within the 30-day return period, you can reach out to the Koodo Web Store to initiate the process by emailing them at koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com

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If you do not encounter non-genuine part notifications, (e.g., screen, battery) your iPhone 11 Pro should function as intended. 86% battery health is still above Apple’s 80% battery health threshold. At 80% battery health or below, you may notice a decrease in performance. It really depends on charging habits and whether you are a light, moderate or heavy phone user. It could take a couple of years or more to reach 80% battery health. If you’re looking for a refund, follow MilkyWay’s recommendation.

iPhone Battery and Performance

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There are many reputable independent sellers of used phones that offer guarantees. Buy from them and actually speak to a human to sort anything out. Dealt with secondcell.ca three times. Been very happy and they sorted out an unlock problem within 10 minutes.

There’s no good reason, other than convenience, to buy your used car from your local gas station, especially one that doesn’t even want to talk to you…

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I understand your frustration. I have been dealing with Non-Genuine display with CPO iPhone as well (Read More Here ).

Luckily, the exchange iphone had all genuine part with 86% charge capacity. Took it to apple the next day to replace the battery for $89+tax . 


Also, I think what Koodo claims here about “authorized” by Apple is complete BS. Apple would NEVER approve non-Apple parts that generates error messages…