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Credit left after cancelled account

  • 13 February 2023
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I’ve recently cancelled my Koodo account and moved out of Canada (back home to Denmark). I can see that I have a credit left of $89 on my Koodo account. I have not registrered for pre-authorized payment. 

How can I receive the CAD 89, when I’ve moved out of Canada? I wont be able to receive a cheque. Is there anywhere I can submit my Danish bank details for an international transfer from Koodo? 


2 replies

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Get a temporary Canadian number using TextNow app (Available in Playstore and Appstore). Use that number to schedule a callback with Koodo and see what options you have.

As far as I know Koodo doesn’t do wire transfer to foreign banks.

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It’s only cheque or back to pre-authorized payment option.


If you contact them quick enough you may be able to put a credit card onto the account or change the address to one that a friend lives at and they can cash the cheque for you.