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Question About Prepaid User Data and Minutes Boosters

  • 24 August 2021
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I’m a prepaid user with data and minutes booster left. Does anyone know if the data and minutes balances are linked with the phone number or the prepaid online account.

For instance, in my case my current prepaid number has 1GB data and 100 minutes left. If I transfer my current number to a Telus sim card/account, and my current prepaid sim card installed on another phone with a new 2nd number, does the 2nd number have that 1GB data and 100 minutes?

Thank you.

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2 replies

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If you transfer out your number to different provider ( even if it's Telus,), your Koodo prepaid account will be closed and any booster left on it will be lost.

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Best to use up your data and minutes before making the switch. Pop the current prepaid SIM into your 2nd phone. Set up your Telus with a temporary number, then port over the original number when your prepaid balances are just about zero.

That will close your Koodo prepaid. Then feel free to open a new prepaid or other account on the first phone. You will at least maintain control over your number.