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[Prepaid] Upgrading base plans and ALSO signing up for automatic top-up.

  • 5 June 2021
  • 1 reply


Hello. I want to upgrade my base plan from the $15/month to the $30/month. This plan states that I get 500 MB + 500 MB of data if I sign up for automatic top-up.

My question is, in what order to I do these actions? Must I first upgrade the base plan, which would immediately charge me the $30, or do I sign up for automatic top-up first?

If the former, I am guessing I would not have the extra 500 MB for the first month at minimum. If the latter, the automatic top-up may or may not work for the first month because it assumes I’m still on the $15/month plan.


Anyone have any ideas?

1 reply

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Right, I would sign up for auto top-up first, so you benefit from the extra data right away when your new plan goes into effect. Then on the last day before your expiry date, change your plan. That way you won't lose anything 😊