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my phone wont let me add minutes to my phone

  • 14 January 2021
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So I’m a monthly customer, meaning I have to buy minutes every month to top up my account. My plan expired and my phone got wet so I couldn’t update it. My phone turns on now & I just tried adding my monthly minutes to top up my phone but every time I try calling *611 my phone attempts to call out & just beeps and hangs itself up. Does anyone know why that is? I need my phone to be topped up so I can verify who I am on my one drive so I can gain access to my homework or else I fail. I’m feeling pretty annoyed right now has anyone ever experienced this before ?


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So you’re a prepaid customer. You should be able to access your prepaid self-serve account from your phone or your computer and add funds either by registered Visa debit card, a credit card or a top-up voucher. Since your phone got wet, it may not have dried out completely.


One remedy is to place the phone in a bag of rice for a day or two. This will wick away moisture from the phone and in some cases, the phone will return to normal operation. The mistake that is often made is to turn the phone on. If there’s moisture or water still inside the phone, this could cause a short-circuit rendering the phone useless.