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Voicemail Access Numbers

  • 5 May 2021
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This article is meant to be used as a reference by anyone who needs to update their Voicemail Access Number.

Voicemail access numbers are typically programmed into the device during activation. This number is used to route the call to the voice mail system.

If you have a non-Koodo phone or if your access number was changed for any reason, calls to the voicemail will get dead air or unable to reach the voice mailbox.

You can check your voicemail access number by dialing one of: *#61# OR*#62# OR *#67# 

How to Change your Access Number
Steps to change the access number are different for each device. You’ll need to refer to your specific owner’s manual for instructions. Owner’s manuals can typically be downloaded from the manufacturers website. 


Bellow you will find a list of all the Koodo Voicemail Access numbers
Note: All access numbers below must be preceded by +1.


Access Number Area Codes
+1-226-580-4001 226, 519, 548
+1-306-580-4001 306, 587, 639, 780, 474
+1-438-580-4001 438, 450, 514, 579, 367, 418, 581, 819, 873
+1-587-580-4001 204, 403, 431, 825, 867
+1-647-580-4001 416, 428, 437, 647, 249, 289, 365, 506, 705, 807, 905, 742
+1-778-580-4001 236, 604, 778, 250, 672, 368
+1-902-580-4001 343, 613, 709, 782, 879, 902


Updated: February 25, 2024

4 replies

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Heya @Chris Koodo ! Honoured to see the list I built and documented over on the Public Mobile community show up here!

I spent some time finding many of those voicemail access numbers by referencing old forum posts, testing likely numbers in TELUS owned area codes and number blocks across Canada. Also, the “intended serving area” is only based on my own observations, guesses, and feedback I had received from others in the Public Mobile community forum. It would also get further confirmation/updates on that if you have any internal sources, references or contacts to check against.

Cheers! - Nezgar

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Hi @Chris Koodo, hoping to hear from you regarding my past comment, hoping we can work together to improve the list in this thread - I can’t send you a private message due to “ This member can only receive messages from members they are following.” Cheers!

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Hi, does anyone know how can I access my mailbox number while overseas?


Thank you

Please see : 


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Hi, does anyone know how can I access my mailbox number while overseas?

If you mean to check without using your mobile phone via roaming, you can dial your own number from another line and press * at the prompt, and enter your PIN (followed by # to speed things up)

Or you can directly dial any one of the above numbers and enter your 10 digit number as the mailbox number (followed by 😵, then your PIN (followed by #)

You can use a free wifi calling app such as TextNow or Fongo Mobile to call one of the access numbers above without using any mobile airtime or invoking roaming charges.