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Managing 3rd party application purchases on your wireless bill

  • 11 March 2022
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What are third-party charges?

This refers to purchasable content such as apps, games, music, and books. You may see charges from companies such as StreamGym, ES-Revolution, Game Arena, as well as online game credits from third-party storefronts such as Google Play, Microsoft or Sony that can be charged directly to your monthly Koodo invoice. 

It’s important to note that Koodo is simply facilitating the purchase by allowing the charges to appear on your invoice. These services require explicit consent and authorization before you make a purchase to your account. 


How did I register?

Each vendor has a slightly different way of subscribing to a service or making a payment. Some will require a ‘double opt-in’ whereas others require you to add your mobile number as a payment method.  

The process begins by entering your number within an ad or the site in question. Once entered, you’ll receive an SMS, usually showing up as a shortcode (i.e. 5415, 53876, 7552), with a unique PIN, which then needs to be entered back on the site where prompted. 


Once the unique pin has been confirmed, you will receive an activation confirmation, including the price and instructions on how to STOP the service if you no longer wish to benefit from it. 


Note: If you notice an application purchase charge on your bill, look for the charge in your Data Usage History (Self Serve → Usage → View details). You can match the date with the device’s SMS history and should find a message like the examples listed above. If you can’t find them, you should also check within the Blocked & Spam Folder. 


Have questions about a purchase or a service you’re subscribed to?

It’s important to remember, Koodo is only facilitating the purchase. We can tell you where the charges are from and even explain how to stop them. However, you will need to contact the vendor directly to dispute the charges. If you’re not sure who the vendor is, ask us here and we will let you know. 


Here are 4 tips to protect yourself from unwanted charges…

1.       Always read the Terms & Conditions before signing up.

Things to look out for:

  • Is it an ongoing subscription or a one-time purchase?

  • How many times will you be charged per month? 

2.       Review your monthly bill, and get in touch with us if you have any concerns about any application purchases.

Make it a habit to review your monthly bill, including the section that outlines third-party charges.


3.       Educate your kids about third-party charges.

If you have a child with a mobile phone, take the time to explain third-party charges to them and the risks around costly bills and unwanted purchases. They may respond reactively to in-game credits without fully understanding their costs.


4.       Keep your phone in a safe place.

This helps to minimize the risk of another person using your phone without your knowledge.


Here is a chart with helpful information about the most popular vendors.



Displayed on Bill as …

Contact Information

Request a refund

How to block the service

Google Play Store

Google Play Store is a Google service which allows Android customers to download free or chargeable digital content 


(i.e.. apps, games, books, video) that have been developed by third-party developers.

Google Play Purchase

How to contact an Android app’s developer

About refunds on Google Play

1. From the Google Play Store app, select Menu.


2. Select Settings.


3. Scroll to User Controls and tap the box next to Use password to restrict purchases.


4. Confirm your Google password.


5. Now your password is required for all in-app purchases.


Boku offers billing to various developers and app/content partners 


(i.e..  Microsoft Windows (Xbox), Facebook, Lavalife, Angry Birds, DAZN and more).

Application Purchase

Email: support@boku.com 


Web site: www.boku.com/company/contact


Phone: 1-877-261-3874


Note: For Microsoft or Xbox requests, you’ll need to contact Microsoft directly: Contact Microsoft Store Support.

Shortcode: 7552

Instructions on how to cancel a Boku service can be found here

Customers can request to block any further Boku payments through the "Submit a request" form on their website https://www.boku.com/support 

PM Connect (Vortex Cloud Gaming and Cloudy Gaming)

Vortex is a multi-platform cloud gaming service.

Think of Netflix, but for games.


Toll free number: 1-844-336-1188

Email: support.ca@paybymobile.info 

paybymobile.info for account/subscription management

https://vortex.gg/ for Vortex Cloud Gaming 

cloudygaming.io for Cloudy Gaming

Shortcode 5387

You’ll need to log into your account on http://www.paybymobile.info/ and select the unsubscribe option under active subscriptions


Note: 2 factor SMS authentication is required

NTH Mobile (ccsupport.biz)

NTH Mobile (ccsupport.biz) provides customers the ability to purchase mobile subscriptions for a variety of services and have the charges billed directly to their invoice. 

PlayHub (Games)


EN: https://playhubca.applandstore.com/en/

FR : https://playhubca.applandstore.com/fr/

The customer can manage their service via ccsuport.biz where they can log in to their My Payments. Customers can request to block all subscriptions from NTH Mobile by contacting them via their toll-free number or by email.

Third Party App

Third party vendors/merchants provide customers with the ability to purchase mobile apps/content and have the charges billed directly to their invoice.


i.e.. Streamgym, ES-Revolution, World of Games, Game Area, eSports365, eTrainingfit, Sky Sports and more


Found within the text received from Shortcode: 5415

Only the merchant you are subscribed to can offer a credit

Customers can request to block or unblock all subscriptions and purchases by contacting the merchant directly

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