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Porting a number to a new provider and requesting a new Koodo number

  • 29 January 2024
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I have a Koodo number that I have been using for my business. My business has grown to the point that I now need a business phone line and a personal line. What I want to do is port my koodo line to the new business provider, and be assigned a new line. I have a few questions

  1. Should i request a new phone number from Koodo first, then port the old number to the new provider?
  2. Do i need a new sim card to use that new number
  3. How long does it take on avg to get a new sim

Anything else to consider?



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You'd need first add a new line on your current account and once the line gets activated and you get the new sim with the new number, you can then initiate the transfer request for your other number over to your business account.


The shipping of the sim card usually takes  7-10 days: https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/shipping-and-delivery