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Charge dispute: I am charged CA$125.85 by Koodo without a bill

  • 7 February 2024
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Hi there,

I just noticed that recently there was a $125.85 charge on my credit card by KOODO MOBILE PAC. The post time is Jan 30, 2024.

I had no special consumption around or near that date, no roaming, no purchasing, nothing. I only have a monthly fee of $40.77 which is charged about 12th each month.

I checked my bill statements on Self-Service and there is no such a bill of $125.85. I also checked my usage and there is no special data/minute/message consumption in January 2024 or December 2023. 

It must be a charge by mistake.

Could you please have a check?





Best answer by henryj 7 February 2024, 14:49

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2 replies

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So you checked your newest bill in self-serve and it doesn’t have anywhere near that bill amount?

Sorry, I am just aware that the credit card is also linked to another family member's account. The cost is from that number which is also a Koodo number.