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Watch plan for kids

  • 5 March 2023
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Seems straightforward but what do I know. I would like my kids to have a watch (wearable device) that we can text back and forth with and possibly make calls. It should be independent (not needing a phone to pair to) and have a reasonably affordable plan. We tried the Garmin Bounce with LTE and the lag time and unreliability of message delivery made the product unusable for real life applications. Bell, if I understand their plan mumbo jumbo, requires having a parent plan (I refuse to pay $100 per month for a plan) and then add on the “standalone” watch plan.

When is this going to be a thing Koodo?

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1 reply

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No, Koodo didn't offer any specific plan (or addon) for smartwatch. Plans are either for cellphone, tablet or home phone.

If the smartwatch can act as an individual phone (with a simslot or an eSIM) then you could use a Koodo plan in it.

Regarding the question “when”, they might offer in future but sofar, there wasn't any announced plan available for customer to see.