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Voicemail Password

  • 8 March 2023
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I am in the US for vacation and received a voicemail but when I went to listen it asked for my password. I didn’t even know I had a voicemail password as I’ve never been asked for it before! What do I do?

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Here are instructions on how to reset your voicemail password.

You can reset your password by accessing your voicemail, then entering any random 4 digits when asked to key in your password. This will give you the option to request a password reset.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. From your handset: Dial 1 + your 10-digit phone number + Send or Long press 1.
  2. When prompted, enter any password.
  3. After 1 failed attempt, you will be prompted with "This is not the correct password. Please try again, or to reset your password press the STAR (*)
  4. Press 1 to have a temporary password sent by SMS to your phone.
  5. A temporary password will be sent to your phone. Please access your mailbox again using this password.
  6. The SMS will show as follows "Your temporary password is XXXX"
  7. To reset your password, please hang up and call into your voicemail again from your mobile phone, enter the temporary password that was sent via SMS and then follow prompts to enter your new password.

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