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Update LG Android version outside Canada

  • 8 January 2022
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Hi there,

Is it possible to receive Android SW updates OTA outside Canada, more specifically in Europe ? What I mean is to be able to update from Android 10 to 11 ? Or can I update it manually using the LG Bridge application ?

I'm currently inside the EU and won't be coming to Canada for at least a few years.

The phone I'm talking is a LG V60 ThinQ 5G, version LMV600TM2X and to be more specific it's LMV600TM2X.ACANCB. The thing is that this phone supports all the carrier frequencies needed inside the EU, where I'm currently working and traveling.

Thanks !


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3 replies

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Generally, you can receive update even you were on different carriers. There isn’t a restriction for it.

The only issue is LG, as you probably know, they stopped making phone. So software support is minimum (or none). I don’t think you could upgrade to Android 11 with the V60, unfortunately.

Here is their current Koodo software update schedule


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I contacted LG Canada support earlier as I wanted to find out too. Android software updates follow you around wherever you go, as long as Wi-Fi and automatic updates are turned on and that’s about as far as I got. Thank you for providing the model number as this was helpful. I agree with Dinh, it doesn’t look very promising for Android 11 to arrive anytime soon.

LMV600TM2X.ACANCB scroll down to LG Product Service and Support if you want to contact LG by phone.

Thank you all very much for the responses.

I know LG stopped the mobile division but I don't mind that. They said they still deliver Android 11 and 12 (maybe 13) and they did. I can confirm that on another LG phone, more specifically a LG V50 ThinQ 5G (LMV500EM) I got the update to Android 11 while I was in Europe. Also, other models, including the V60 from different carriers, got the update. The only one I haven't heard anything was this one.

Android 10 is enough for me, 11 is just a step ahead. The only concern is that some applications might not work on Android 10 with time and that's the only reason why I wanted 11. Same thing with Android 12.

Thank you again for the responses and have a pleasant and nice day !