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Text Messages - Not Showing As Read (Receipt)

  • 27 February 2022
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Hi everyone, 

I have a question. Is anyone currently experiencing this or in the past…

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10. Up until the last few months, my read receipts feature has not been working. The feature is enabled on both my phone and the other end (user).

I have both mobile data and WiFi on. I don't know why it stopped. I read a few minutes ago via a general Google search that the carrier must support this feature.

Did Koodo make a change to not offer this feature anymore? That all said, my phone has been power-cycled several times, the firmware is the most recent. I even performed a factory reset of the settings. No change. 


Thank you, 


3 replies

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When you mentioned “ read receipts feature”, you meant the feature that ask other users to confirm that they received your message when they saw the pop up? or it was the little “read” status in the message app chat?

If it was the pop up message, the receiver had the choice to deny to send you the read notification. Only when they agreed, you could have the read confirmation.

If it was the “read” status within the message app, do you know the phone model of people at the other end? Did you receive the “delivered” status? Also, did you enable the RCS feature within the phone?

Hi Dinh, 


I hope you are doing well. 

My apologies for not being clear. I am referring to the read status of the message. Delivered status does not show either. RCS is enabled on my device. I have had successful delivered/read status between myself and the other end before. There devices have not changed.

My next step is to connect with Samsung if we, the Koodo community can not find a resolution. Then post the possibile solution here,😊. 

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So that was the issue with RCS. For RCS status to work,there are several requirements otherwise the phone would just send normal text (and there is no status whatsoever). Once you enabled RCS in your device, it is all depended on the recipient phones.  It must be an Android and RCS were enabled. If recipients were using iPhone, you were out of luck. Some Android device didn't support RCS either, and you wouldn't receive any status.

Anyway, regarding the status missing in your device, which device the recipient was using? Also,can you try to turn off the RCS and turn it on again? Follow this https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/next-generation-messaging