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How do i stop unkowns using my unlimited text and call accounts ?

  • 16 November 2022
  • 2 replies

Some unknown person or persons  are using my  cell phone number to send texts and make calls

I have a record of times and numbers

I want it stopped

How do i do it?


2 replies

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Can you explain exactly what is happening? Post a screenshot of those records (any private/personal information masked) so we can advice what to do :)

  Thank you for taking time to answer    

i check my call  account records regularly. in part because  I am getting a number of spam calls lately

I look at both the text messages and calls  . i just do a cursary check of who I call or send texts to and when

I have always had unlimited text messaging  but only had 50 minutes of calling 

Last month i got unlimited calling  so i  have been checking even closer

I found numerous calls and messaging  that were  from numbers not to known to me and at times when I was sleeping

I tried to get help from the online chat line but ended up on 2 different  occasions with call back people, .         both have been quite nice .  I gave them the numbers  that have been using my cell number .

 Today i checked and  i got the following umbers 90258040, 204743255,  4168804993,


I apologized but I  am not very cognizant of the technology and dont know how to do a screen shot. 

I believe this person is ripping off koodo and should be held accountable 

With thanks for any help that will stop these persons from making use of my account and in all probability other customers as well