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How do I block a spam email sender on LG G4 pls.?

  • 8 February 2022
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I am getting continual emails from an unknown sender on my LG 4G.  (My text requests to stop sending have been blocked).


There does not seem to be a block sender option on the drop down menu.


Could someone pls. tell me how to block spam MMS.

Thank you. 


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5 replies

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Is this from an email account or a phone number? You mentioned email and mms

It is from an email account. 


I just added Call Control to my acct.  but it hasn’t shown up yet so I don’t know if that will work.


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Call control doesn't control emails. You'll have to go to your email account that's getting the spam and mark it as junk and block the sender. If it's a randomized email account, I'd report as spam and see about increasing the spam filter

Thank you for responding btw.   Sorry I wasn’t clear.  It is a text message sent from an email acct, to my phone number,  (They don’t have access to my email acct. just my phone number.)  There is no option on my ancient phone to block sender. 

I finally went to two koodo stores to ask for help.  The first store employee didn’t know of any solution.  The second store employee suggested muting my or turning off my phone when I didn’t want to be disturbed because there is no way to block text messages from an email address (that is how spammers get around having their phone numbers blocked).

I finally found the solution for myself. 


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