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Data tracking on iphone

  • 8 November 2021
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Hi there! so I just recently switched to Koodo so this is my first month with them, not entering second month. My data was supposed to reset on November 6th at 1159pm but it is November 8th now and I dont think it has reset? Ive never had data before so im alittle confused. When I go into settings and > cellular then I see my “current period” says 3.7gb (I have 4gb a month) so will this automatically reset back to 0 once the new phone cycle begins? do I need to manually reset this everyone month by pressing “reset statistics” at the very bottom? Or how do I keep track of the amount of data im using each month? 


thank you 


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2 replies

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I just want to confirm your billing cycle.

Is it from 7th of the month to 6th of next month?   You can check it through your self serve.

Then you need to match your data cycle on your phone and your billing cycle.   It will automatically reset every month.

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Yes since you have an iPhone you need to reset your data statistics at the end of your billing cycle. 

You can also login to self serve and check your usage as well for the official data used according to Koodo