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battery draining fast after android 12 update

  • 3 November 2021
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After the android 12 update my battery is draining fast even with battery saver and adaptive battery on

Any fixes? Thanks





Best answer by Robert T 3 November 2021, 15:25

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5 replies

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Give it a week for the OS to settle down and you should be able to get better battery life.

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A restart wouldn't hurt either. 

Re battery draining issue.


My phone is a pixel 3a  and before android 12 I was charging once a day, now it's three times a day.

I did do the restart and also shut down for a awile unfortunately nothing had helped.


Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks to the Koodo community for your help 





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It doesn't help you now, but I always recommend to not try to fix what isn't broken. Unless there is a phone issue, do not update.

I have been burnt many times when an update changes things for the worse and makes "improvements" that I don't want but I can no longer get rid off. 

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Does your Pixel 3a battery charge to 80% or 100%?

To help preserve battery health, your phone automatically limits charging to about 80% under certain conditions. The conditions and instructions on how to turn off battery optimization are listed in this link: Manage your Pixel phone battery see heading “Charging temporarily limited” (Pixel 3 & later).