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shock free data notifications not available in self serve

I did not receive a notification at 50% or 90%, only 100%. Now all data has been used… I followed the instructions in self serve to update notification settings (I have never changed the settings and have always received 50 and 90 without issue) and there is only the option for 100%. My husband had the same problem and the issue has been resolved. Please help!


Best answer by Flo Koodo 8 May 2022, 15:24

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I assumed you are a postpaid customer?

In my selfserve I saw  notification for 50, 75 and 100%. If possible, can you take a snapshot where you can only saw 100%?

Also, how did you husband got it resolved? Can you try to disable the notification, log off selfserve. After that log into it again and reenable the notification and see if that can help?

I tried your suggestion. Unfortunately there is still only the option for notification at 100%. My husband also posted a question in this community. Another person flagged and rep and the Koodo rep acknowledged that there was some odd mistake and resolved it for him….

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Gotcha, yours is flagged too now 🙂

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Hi @Nelzo 

For some reason notifications weren’t enabled at 50% and 90%, but only at 100%. They are now enabled, in case they do not come in the next bill cycle, please reply back in this thread.

Thank you! 

Thank you! I now have the option for 50, 90 and 100 available. Very strange that they randomly disappeared…. I’m disappointed that I used all of my data by accident, the notifications are so helpful.