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More on end of 3G service.

  • 29 June 2022
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Seems the shutdown by the US of 3G service effective 1 July 2022, has been news since February of 2022. Any reason why some are just hearing about this now?  Just 3 days before Canada Day? Someone trying to start a run on the purchase of 4G or 5G phones?

From what I understand if I stay with 3G I will be able to communicate with my fellow Canadians. Just so happens my Koodo number has popped up on an American real estate call list. They think I live in Georgia, USA. So I have been getting calls and texts from all over the States for over 6 years! If I stay on 3G in Canada, will this block all incoming US calls and texts to my phone? Furthermore if these bad actors are working from another country and using spoofed US numbers, will my 3G phone still get these texts and calls?

See. Sometimes problems can be more involved than computer chat bots can handle. Communications is a mildly complicated human interaction. Has been since the dawn of time. Koodo should shelve the chat bot and hire human beings to help other human beings. 

Computers are still just tools. They can’t solve every problem.

And that is fact!

Now who in the community is genius enough to give me some effective answers?


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The US shutting down 3G service will only effect you if you travel to the US. If you have a 3G only phone, you will no longer be able to use your phone in the US. After that, everything should stay the same.