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Maximum number of lines/subscribers?

  • 20 November 2022
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My family has our plans all under one postpaid account. I am looking to add another one (and port the number from prepaid Koodo) but no matter what I tried I was not able to follow the instructions in “add a line”. The BYOP sim card has grey “Not Available” over the add to cart button. Above that it says “Not available for upgrades. Change” and the change link brings up the current subscriber list. There is no “add a new line” or any other option in this list. I do vaguely recall that it used to be there before we added the most recent line.

Eventually I was able to get the following exact error message to come up: “Looks like you can’t add any more subscribers to your account.”

Currently we have 5 lines on this account.

I have not been able to find anything about this, is there a maximum number of lines that can be on one Koodo account?! Or is this a glitch with our account? It doesn’t make sense that they would intentionally limit this.

The account is over 10 years old, with the newest line being added several months ago (so not within 45 days!)



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3 replies

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5 lines is max

5 lines is max

Thanks so much for the answer! Is this info available anywhere official online?

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I believe Koodo policy regarding this changed over time. They did not publish it officially. 

As you already received the message of 5 max, that is official answer from Koodo. I think you could try to visit a Koodo kiosk and see if you can add another line to it over there. If that doesn't work, you might want to open another new account.