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Issue with changing shipping address?

  • 15 November 2022
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Does anyone know how I would change my shipping address, as an existing Koodo customer?

I am trying to purchase a new phone and plan today. I have selected the phone and the plan and added both to my cart. When I try to check out, I am shown an old address, asking to confirm this address as my current shipping address. I click on “Update Address” and I am brought to my profile, where there is no option to input or update a shipping address.  From my profile, I am only able to input or update a billing address. I have updated the billing address, but I am still being asked to ship it to the old shipping address on file.  I do not have the ability to input a shipping address anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

3 replies

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IIRC the shipping address should be the billing address, so it’s odd it doesn’t update the shipping address or allow you to. I checked my self-serve and I can’t seem to find my shipping address either. If you like, we can flag a rep to confirm the shipping address issue. 

Hi Goran, thank you for your response. It looks like the system just took a few minutes to update. Once I updated my billing address, after about 15 minutes (and me posting this question to the community) the correct address appeared on the confirmation screen.

This issue is now resolved.

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Ah perfect. Self-Serve updates are usually quite fast but they do suggest waiting 10-15 minutes for the system to update changes. I’m glad it did work out and was just a shorter delay.