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Getting error when trying to transfer number


I'm trying to transfer my number over from bell but I keep getting the error "make sure to input correct number". The account number is exactly as it appears on my previous bills. 

I see questions about this error have been asked before, but none seem to have an answer.



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Hey @Ew11ob - Do you have letters in your account number? If yes, remove the letters and only keep the first 9 digits. 

i.e. Customer number 51377346UOC983 becomes account number 513773469.

Let us know if that works :)

@Chris Koodo  Thanks for answering. The one with letters is apparently customer ID for setting up bank transfers. I'll give it a shot though and see if it works.


Edit: without the letters it's almost the same as my account number. No luck though, still getting the same error.