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eSim transfer when overseas

  • 17 September 2022
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Hello, I am currently overseas and have upgraded my phone and want to transfer my esim to the new phone. I still have my original code etc when I originally installed it on my old phone.  Can I transfer it to my new phone ? Thanks 


Best answer by John Goedhard 18 September 2022, 00:26

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7 replies

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No, the QR code can only be used once, you couldn’t transfer it to another phone. You would have to buy another SIM voucher from Koodo if you want to transfer unfortunately. That might not work when you are overseas. https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/esim-and-esim-vouchers

Thank you - do you know how I contact Koodo when overseas ? Thanks

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Thank you - do you know how I contact Koodo when overseas ? Thanks

You can chat with them via Facebook/twitter messaging.
However, I don't think they can help with eSIM as it currently is only available at a Koodo kiosk in Canada.


i dont know what kind of phone you are using but most phones have now a days have two sims. esim and a physical sim slot. if you do. you can use both or disable the esim (data) and use the physical sim slot for overseas when overseas.

Thanks John , have an iPhone , my main sim is a UK physical and I then have different Esims for different purposes so have to keep Koodo as an esim thanks 

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Unfortunately Koodo is nickling and diming on eSIMs something fierce. I too have an overseas prepaid plan and I'm making sure to use that with eSIM and keep my Koodo plan on a physical SIM. It's free and easy, I have transferred it between several phones already right here in Canada.

With Koodo you not only need to purchase a new one for each activation, but you can only buy them in store too. I know this is not helping you much right now, but i sure wished Koodo would join the 21st century in that regard....