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Changing from Koodo postpaid to prepaid plan - unable to port my number

  • 11 September 2022
  • 2 replies

I currently have a Koodo postpaid plan and am going to switch to a prepaid plan. I have purchased my Koodo prepaid SIM card and am going through the activation process. I wish to keep my current number. When I get to the field where it requests my current provider, I CANNOT CHOOSE KOODO (it is not shown as one of the options) so I cannot go any further in the process. 

Am I missing something? How do I get past this field to complete my prepaid activation? Thank you.

2 replies

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You could try activating with a random number and then after registering in self serve on your prepaid account, try move your number to port.

Thank you - that sounds like it might work - I just don’t want to risk being without my number. Can someone from Koodo confirm that this is the way to do it?