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call back because of charge dispute

  • 26 July 2023
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Hi I have a problem with a charge so close to the boarder.  (Canada and the US).  Ive been charged for 2 days roaming which I didn't use my phone. Turned off everything I was suppose too.  Was in and out of the US several times.   Ive scheduled a call back several times since and for some reason I don't get a call back.  Could be my area who knows.  And the Koodo assist has been nothing but frustrating. 

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4 replies

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What date was the charge? 

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What kind of usage (talk, text, or data) triggered your easy roam?  Please use the article below to determine this.



Ya I’ve read it.  I crossed and was charged July 1 and July 4.  So I’d like to know why when while in the US between those dates there wasn’t any roaming charge.  Can u tell me what I did to be charged?

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In step 3, do you see any calls in your usage page on July 1 and July 4 that were not denoted as ER/VC?

In Step4, do you see in your usage any sent SMS or data used on July 1 and July 4?

Feel free to post a screenshot (blocking out any personal info) if you need help dissecting the Usage page on those dates