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Activate SIM card

  • 14 September 2022
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New to koodo: ordered plan and SIM card online. Got email back with a phone number/account number. Used that to register online. Didn’t wait for the SIM card to arrive and instead used a store bought (post paid) SIM card. Using online account changed phone number to an existing one. Number was ported and while waiting for confirmation from Koodo that my line is active, which never arrived, I realized that I should have activated the SIM card first and then port the number. 

Now that I try to activate the SIM card the verification allows to use either email or text to make sure you are the account owner. Can’t use text since the ported number is in limbo: previous provider account is closed so can’t use the old SIM with previous provider, Koodo is not active so it can’t receive text yet. Email choice is also not accepted because the account is less than 48 hours old!

Tried using chat with #AssistSS and after number of tries it says that the system is busy and they cannot schedule a callback from a rep. Is there any other way to either get a hold of a rep or activate the SIM card? I can’t wait for 48 hours to mature my account in order to use my email and might be missing important business or urgent calls and messages.

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5 replies

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Let me flag a rep here and see if they can help update the sim card for you.

Thank you so much, @Allan M !

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Hi @sepi 


Please use the “Log in via serve” option in the community login page, so we can further assist.

@Flo Koodo , I logged in as suggested. The page looks the same. Where to go now?

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Thank you, we have sent you a PM, so we can further assist, feel free to check your inbox in your  community profile.