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Why was I charged a fee

  • 23 November 2022
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I just finally upgraded my phone, the rep in store found me a great deal on her system but going through the process with her on my.phone the same plan wouldnt show up.  We tried this to avoid the $50 in store connection fee.  So she scheduled a call back with notes and the rep on the phone says nope no $50 fee will apply.  I make my order for new phone then go through the documents in my email, lo and behold a $50 connection fee.  I was told by 2 people including the 1 on the phone there wouldnt be such a fee.  If thats not the case why in the world would I wait a day for a call back then a week for the new phone to NOT save $50 plus a $10 shipping fee on top of that, this makes no sense to me.

2 replies

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The connection fee would not show up only when you did it yourself in "self-serve". If you need assistance of a rep either in-store or online, the system would automatically added the fee for you. That connection fee should show up right away at your service agreement. 

In some cases,  there were promotions on connection fee, but that would be a credit after 2nd or 3rd bills. 

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The rep in the store should’ve mentioned this but the paperwork doesn’t show any credits.

If you were to get a credit it would be on the back end. I would wait until your next bill comes out and see then if its credited.