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Trying to buy replacement phone

  • 1 March 2023
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I lost my phone yesterday (it’s gone, won't be coming back). I’m trying to buy a new phone through self serve, and I have a promo code I'd like to use. 

All is well and good until the final step where they send me a verification code to my cellphone number...except I can't receive it as I no longer have a phone. How can I proceed?

6 replies

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Have you reported your phone lost (or stolen) by logging into your Self Serve account?

Reporting your lost or stolen phone

You can try sending a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger explaining the situation. A Koodo rep should be able to verify your identity.


Yes I reported it lost yesterday, I will try Facebook. Do you know if they will honour promotional code I received by text, if I do it in store? I went in earlier but they tried to charge me $140 in extras….

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Which promotion did you receive?

I’m not sure if the store can trace the promotional code by using your phone number. If your lost phone was synced to another device that receives SMS messages, you might be able to provide proof that way. Also, you will likely incur a $50 connection fee if you decide to take the in-store route.

Mention the promotional code in your private message and see what the rep can do.

Yes I have written down the promo codes (Upgrade375) as I still have the  iMessages saved on my Mac. $50 I can stomach but they wanted a care package and something else that I wasn't interested in.

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If you’re looking at getting another iPhone, then they’re likely trying to sell you AppleCare+ for $15/month. AppleCare+ doesn’t cover lost or stolen phones, whereas Comprehensive Device Protection does, for the same monthly price. This might have been brought up due to the fact that you lost your phone. You’re not obligated to purchase these services, they’re merely suggestions.

Give the store a try and let us know how it goes.

Well I went back to the store , turns out it’s an independent store that deals in Telus / Koodo. So I had to pay a $79 store fee and the $50 connection fee. At least I got to use the promo code I received that reduces my monthly bill for the next 15 months , that helps to limit the damage