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The website doesn't show usuage???

  • 17 January 2023
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I just hate how there is no warning like for data when you are close to reaching your limit there is a warning but not for long distance homephone.

Basically i am on a homephone plan with 1000 free minutes to european countries like london and my parents have never over used the minutes till now and my homephone bill is $172…  (usualy pay $24 after tax per month) just don’t like how if i click “view usage” the website doesn’t show and says “unavailable” 


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5 replies

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Seems like an intermittent glitch. Have you tried again? From a different browser if possible

yes tried all browser

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yes tried all browser

Have you cleared the cache and cookies from your browser?

I am getting this error(Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information) when i click on “view usuage” on all devices(desktop and mobile) and everything is cleared.



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There’s issues sometimes. However, the CRTC, in it’s infinite wisdom, didn’t side with consumers, and decided because you can count minutes, unlike data, that mobile carriers do not need to provide a similar way to track minutes. You unfortunately are responsible to ensure you don’t go over the 1000 minutes, even if you can’t see the usage in self-serve.