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Really disappointed with how long it takes to return a defective phone!

  • 11 March 2023
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We notified Koodo Friday a week ago that the pre-owned iphone 11 that my husband had ordered, has a letter on the keyboard that does not function, has a battery that runs down within a day, and does not allow him to transfer from his old iPhone. We sent all the necessary info in that first email. After various emails requesting all the info we had already sent, we am still waiting for the actual info on how actually return the phone. we would like to replace it with a different one, but not until we get a refund for this one. I am disappointed in the first place that the phone was not fully functioning, but that the return takes this long is quite annoying. 

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3 replies

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If you’ve been communicating with webstore reps, a rep should be sending you a prepaid shipping label for your return. It might be easier to tell the webstore which phone you want as opposed to waiting for a refund as this could cause more delay.

If you’re looking to purchase a phone from a different source and need the refund for that reason, mention this in your message to the webstore.

In both circumstances, your best option is to send a message to the webstore at koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com to check status on the delivery of the prepaid shipping label and mention that you would like to pick a different pre-owned phone or that you want a refund.

I have been communicating with the webstore. They are the ones delaying this issue. They also wrote that we would not be able to exchange but would have to get a refund instead. This is day no 8. Still waiting for the shipping label...


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Please continue to follow up with the webstore. It can take time to process returns and refunds. I would wait a few more days. If still no luck, let us know.