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Plan and Tab change

  • 22 November 2022
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Hi ,

I had taken 2 Tabs with 8gb plan on last yr black friday deal contract for 2yrs. Currently wanted to change the tab but there is no good deal where i PURCHASED. My plan is $50 for plan and 15 for tab but getting at discounted price of $53 per tab. There is $180- tab balance and 250 bonus.I wanted to know If i need to move to different plan then do i need to pay the Bonus amount?? Also, let me know the procedure to close the account..


Also I have another doubt. My plan is $50 and 8gb for 24 months including tab i’m paying $53. If I go for 20gb or 25gb ,there is offer going on koodo for $55 ,then final price will be $53 plus $5 or $55 plus tab 15 ie $70. Kindly suggest.

1 reply

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You only have to pay back the tab bonus if you upgrade your phone, cancel your account or change to an ineligible plan before the 24 months has lapsed.
If you wanted to close the account you could either port the number to a different carrier and it would automatically cancel it or you can call customer service.

As for the second part, it depends on what you have for credits going on and whether they’re tied to the plan or phone.