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not going to be home/wrong apartment number

  • 16 April 2024
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I ordered a phone a couple days ago, I put the address on my ID cause I assumed I would pick up the order at an access point. 

I moved from that apartment into the one below it. So  my ID says 2 and the one I live in currently is 1. I'm also going to be gone the whole day of delivery which is the 17th.  

Koodo has made it so it cannot be delivered anywhere except the original address, which is my neighbor. I'm just so frusterated and worried I'm not going to get my phone. I set up a callback with koodo for the morning so hopefully they can change the shipping address and day, or let me pick up the item at a access point preferably.


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1 reply

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Your callback would be the best way to hopefully get things sorted out.

If you’re acquainted enough with your neighbour, you could see if they could help you get the package as well.

Worse case, the phone will be sent back to Koodo, and then you can re-process your order with the correct address.