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My device never arrived--UPS parcel lost

  • 23 February 2023
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I should receive a device because of an upgrade I made last Nov but never received any tracking number so I contacted Koodo and ended up with a tracking number with no delivery date. So, I contacted UPS and started an investigation about that parcel and UPS just confirmed that this parcel is missing and said they’ve send a claim to the sender, which is Koodo, and ask me to contact the sender as well for more information. I’m out of the country now so will anyone please flag a rep for me to help sort it out? I think Koodo should send out another device for me? My missing UPS tracking number is 1Z69V986DK12284750 Thanks. 

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2 replies

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I wonder why you waited until now to contact Koodo about the item. As of now, are you a Koodo customer?

Normally for issue with lost shipment, you would have to contact the webstore directly at koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com. They should be able to track the order number and they would contact UPS also to investigate.

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I see a fair amount of history (27 days) with this lost shipment. Please send an email to the webstore to update them on the UPS investigation and include your order number HFO34389156 in your message. It appears you were instructed to contact UPS in a previous post, which you have done. Investigations on missing shipments can take time to process and finalize.

The webstore (koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com) may be able to remedy this problem. Let us know if you need a rep after you’ve received a reply from the webstore.