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Just tried to order a new phone & it became unavailable as I tried to send the order

  • 17 April 2024
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I had a phone in the cart with a new plan selected and then suddenly the phone was “out of stock” and the other colour still available was now a different price. Something similar happened last time I tried to order a new phone a couple moths ago. I’m so frustrated, it’s like Koodo doesn’t want me ordering a new phone. I’m about ready to just buy one off Amazon so I know the phone I’m trying to order actually exists still.

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3 replies

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Sometimes changes happen at the exact wrong time for placing an order. The site can be delayed in updating as well. Which phone did you want?

I was trying to order a Galaxy S21+ 5G. 


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CPO phones fluctuate far more in available stock and price due to their stock being predicated on older phones being traded in or extended warranty replacements.