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How to check Koodo Inventory in nearby stores?

  • 17 November 2021
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I know there’s no Pixel 5 left online, but does Koodo have any sort of inventory management for their stores?

I assume since most places seem like franchises Koodo sells them the inventory, but I was just curious.

I’d love to get a Pixel 5 on a tab if I could, rather than pay upfront.  I have no need for the Pixel 6.

Do some stores carry pre-owned or is that only the website here?

Any advice would be appreciated. I am serious enough about wanting the Pixel 5 over the 6, that I would likely buy a 5 paying all upfront than getting the 6 on a tab.


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The Pixel 5 is end of life so you'd only be able to get something if a store happens to have old stock.

Best thing you can do is call around to your local stores and see if they have one in stock.

Pre owned phones are online only and aren't available in store.