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Can't complete purchase of online order for new phone

  • 7 February 2023
  • 3 replies

I’ve tried several times to purchase online an iphone and keep my old plan and everything is fine until i get to the last step it gets an error message “something went wrong”

3 replies

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Have you tried using a different device and/or browser to complete the purchase?

Yes I’ve tried all of the above. No mater what i select and what browser i use it gets an error right before i’m sent a sms code to confirm purchase. I’ve tried for days. They don’t have the phone i want at a kiosk. Really considering switching service providers haven’t been able to reach anyone all day and am without a phone.

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Which iPhone was it? and which plan are you on? I wonder the issue could be from your intention to keep the existing plan. Sometimes, it requires you to change the plan to continue.