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When I call someone they see the wrong location for my CallerID

  • 18 December 2021
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When I created my Prepaid Koodo account I lived in one city & now I’ve moved to another. When I call someone they see my CallerID still referring to the old city and often don’t answer because they don’t know anyone from there. How can I change the city that appears or the CallerID details in general for a prepaid account?


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8 replies

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Did you ever change your number?

No I wanted to keep the number. Is that required? I can’t imagine that people would move, stay with Koodo, and want to change their phone #.

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Your cell phone number essentially follows you around geographically. Since you no longer reside in the previous city and want people to recognize that you’re calling from the city you reside in now, a phone number change is necessary.

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I kept my number from another province entirely. It's not required but caller ID will identify you based on your number, and the numbering system in North America is geography based. When someone doesn't already have my number, I often get comments about the area code. It just is  a thing.

This move was within the province. I have a hard time believing that the city that shows up on new people that are called can’t be changed by Koodo. I will ask them directly.

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Have you changed your address on Koodo’s self serve?

Yes, my profile on Koodo self serve shows the correct address. 

It seems there is no way to directly contact Koodo. I tried the Koodo assist & asked for a callback, it tells me to login & opens a window to do so. I click Prepaid, and login & it shows me already logged in for that window. At that point there’s no way to convince the Assist window that I’m logged in. I’ve tried multiple ways, logging out first, then Assist, then login in the new window. Nothing works. I tried on Chrome & Edge, same results. 

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Contacting Koodo is actually futile, in your case. The number and area that is displayed is tied to the town your number is associated with, which is determined by the first 3 (province) + 3 (town) digits.

The ONLY way around that is to move to a postpaid plan. In that case you could opt to have your name associated with your number rather than the area… or of course change your number to your new town.